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Ailments & Treatments

Urgent Care Treatments

We treat many different problems in our walk-in clinics in Orange County, CA. Patients from all around may suffer from issues that their primary care physician in Newport Beach or Santa Ana cannot deal with quickly, so we are able to bridge the gap.

Our wellness service pre-empts regular annual physicals and can provide an early warning for conditions that need attention.

Colds and the flu, along with other common illnesses, can be treated effectively whether you have insurance or not. We can help you with allergies, stomach pains, ear infections, and much more. We provide flu shots and other vaccines to help keep you healthy, along with providing the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for any chest infection or cold.

Injury treatments, including cuts, bruises, fractures, and sprains are all taken care of in our clinic. We have on-site X-ray facilities that allow us to see exactly what the problem is. Lacerations and burns are dealt with swiftly as our staff is extremely well trained and work efficiently to ensure the minimum wait times possible.

We offer urgent care where needed, so if you need medical attention in a hurry, visit our locations in Tustin and Costa Mesa. If you have ever struggled to find “urgent care near me” in Irvine or Newport Beach, we are the answer to your problems, and we’re open 7 days a week.

We work with patients of all ages from children to seniors and can provide care for adult illnesses (including diabetes, kidney stones, and anxiety) as well as happily deal with your pediatric needs. Age should never be a factor when choosing a healthcare provider.

Women’s care is provided to focus on the health needs of women. UTIs can be diagnosed and treated along with STDs, vaginal infections, birth control, yeast infections, menstrual irregularities, breast health, and general health in menopausal women.

Our comprehensive services cover most major illnesses and ailments, and we’re happy for you to use our walk-in clinic whenever you need to. Our staff is always friendly and welcoming, helping you to feel relaxed by explaining the process each step of the way. We’re open to both new patients and returning patients and will treat all with the same level of respect and attention.

When your primary care physician is unable to see you, or you need urgent care without an appointment, Xpress Urgent Care is ready and willing to help you be well again.

For affordable, fast urgent care, visit Xpress Urgent Care


With two convenient locations in Costa Mesa and Tustin, we serve Tustin, Santa Ana, Orange County, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach. Xpress Urgent Care Near Me has the longest hours of operation out of all the locations we serve. Our Urgent Care Clinics are designed to expedite your medical needs, because who wants to wait when they are seeking immediate medical attention.

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