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Xpress Urgent Care Clinics in Orange County are an excellent alternative to local emergency rooms. Even without considering the extreme difference in cost, the friendly staff doesn’t make you feel like you’re being pushed through a meat market of illness—much like the feeling you get in the ER—and they truly strive to perfectly diagnose and treat your ailments every time.

Time is an important factor in our daily lives. While we typically would like to treat the common cold or flus with prescription antibiotics and other medication, it’s often not feasible to wait 3 days for a last-minute doctor’s appointment, miss work, or wait for hours at a time in the ER just for an Aspirin. Xpress Urgent Care Clinics are a fast alternative to these options. Opposed to the average wait time of 200 minutes in the emergency room, a trained medical professional can see you in 15 minutes or less at Xpress Urgent Care Clinic. In fact, you don’t even need an appointment to receive timely, friendly treatments.

For affordable, fast urgent care, visit Xpress Urgent Care

Orange County Xpress Urgent Care Clinic is a Fast, Affordable Alternative to the ER

Xpress Urgent Care Clinic isn’t just for treatment of cold and flu – you can visit us for an array of medical issues. Whether you’re in minor pain, you’ve experienced a laceration or burn, you’re having an unusual allergic reaction to some type of medicine or food that you’ve eaten, or you’re dealing with an extremely uncomfortable urinary tract infection, the staff at Xpress Urgent Care is dedicated to helping you feel better and recover from your ailments.

While we typically try to handle small issues on our own, Xpress Urgent Care Clinics can even help you remove something as small as a splinter when you just can’t find the tweezers at home.

Whenever you’re not feeling well, head to an Orange County Xpress Urgent Care Clinic for a fast, affordable alternative to the emergency room. You’ll leave feeling relieved and satisfied with your medical treatment options and the quick, simple diagnosis.

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