VA Clinic

Walk-In Clinic For Veterans

Xpress Urgent Care is proud to be an authorized provider of medical care to our nation’s veterans. Our Orange County locations serve the communities of Tustin, Orange, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Stanton, Westminster, Buena Park, and Anaheim. Get medical care when you need it at any of three VA Clinics near you. 

If you are a veteran you may be seen at any of our VA clinics in Tustin Costa Mesa, and Stanton.

The VA Mission Act of 2018 made it possible for veterans who are eligible for VA health care benefits to receive urgent care treatment for their minor medical needs. This important law created much-needed changes in the VA health care system such as ensuring that the VA provides medical services to veterans which include:

  •     Getting medical appointments scheduled quickly.
  •     The establishment of a “mechanism to receive medical records from non-Department providers.”
  •     Making sure that there is coordination among healthcare providers.
  •     Ensuring that services and care continue seamlessly.
  •     Making sure that there is no lapse in care for veterans due to delays with the Department or contractors.
  •     Ensuring that veterans are able to receive medical care and treatment at available urgent care and walk-in medical care clinics.

Urgent Care For Veterans

Under the VA Mission Act, veterans who are eligible will be able to receive care and treatment from an urgent care provider that is authorized through the VA as an authorized urgent care center.

Urgent care services will be paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs at a VA Clinic Near Me as long as the veteran is eligible for the urgent care benefit, the urgent care center is an authorized provider in the VA’s contracted network of community providers, and the treatment needed is not on the VA’s list of services that are excluded. It is important to realize that urgent care, not ER visits, are covered by the VA Mission Act. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs specifies that urgent care services are for “minor illnesses or injuries that are not life-threatening.”

VA Clinic Services 

Illnesses and injuries that are not life-threatening include flu, earaches, colds, urinary infections, sprained ankles or wrists, skin irritations, and injuries that require casts or splints. Conditions that are a threat to life or limb require emergency services and need to be seen in the emergency room. 

Authorized VA Clinics 

At Xpress, we are authorized to provide urgent care to veterans. As a walk-in medical clinic, you never need an appointment to be seen. Just walk-in at your convenience to be seen at a VA Clinic Near Me. Our urgent care center is a one-stop-shop for your non-emergency illnesses or injuries. We have on-site x-rays and labs in order to streamline your evaluation and treatment, ensuring that all of your covered medical needs can be met in one place. Our clinics are open from 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week, including holidays.

We look forward to serving our nation’s veterans and ensure that you have a comfortable and pleasant experience when you visit our VA Clinics near you. 


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