School Physicals In Orange County

School physicals help to ensure you are healthy for your upcoming academic adventures no matter what age you are. If you need a walk-in physical prior to going to school, Xpress Urgent Care will be able to complete a physical for you.

We provide all types of physical examinations, we’ll see you promptly and efficiently. Physical tests can include blood pressure, heart health, vision testing, joint strength and flexibility, and numerous other tests as required.

Xpress Urgent Care can provide a full school physical at our walk-in clinics. Located in Costa Mesa and Tustin, we serve all of Orange County.

What is a School Physical?

Patients of all ages can receive a school physical to see how their body is performing. At all levels of learning, vision and hearing tests are important to ensure that the student is capable of understanding what is going on during lessons.

Sports and physical activity can play a large part in school life, and so other tests including strength, flexibility, and reflex testing are important. Blood tests may also be completed to check for any hidden illnesses and evaluate overall health in the patient.

Pre-existing conditions may have an effect on the way a student is able to perform in school, and so any pre-existing conditions should be declared to the examiner during the course of the physical. It is likely that no condition will prevent a student from being successful in school, but having a physical on record at the school may help should the student need medical attention during the course of their education.

How to Get a School Physical

If you or a relative need a school physical, contact Xpress Urgent Care today. We serve multiple locations in Orange County including Irvine, Santa Ana, and Newport Beach, as well as Tustin and Costa Mesa where our clinics are located.

We welcome patients of all ages (with or without insurance) and can provide physicals for children, teens, adults, and seniors. If you need a doctor to complete a school physical and don’t have the time to wait, we can help you out by completing your school physical quickly.

Simply check-in online and get your school physical within minutes. Our friendly and courteous staff look forward to making your visit to us swift and comfortable.

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