COVID-19 Test Results: What You Need to Know

Where can I get my COVID-19 test results?

As COVID-19 testing continues to expand and more Orange County residents are being tested every day, labs are hard at work trying to handle the influx of samples in order to provide COVID-19 test results in a timely manner,

At Xpress Urgent Care, we understand how important it is to receive your COVID-19 results quickly after being tested. After all, your health — and the health of others around you — depends on it. With that said, we’re aware it may have been difficult to get an appointment to be tested in the past at one of our urgent care clinics.

Just like we are currently dealing with a high demand for testing, labs are likewise dealing with a high demand when it comes to processing tests. As a result, these labs are extremely busy processing tests for the entire county to identify new COVID-19 infections and help slow the spread in our local communities. With this in mind, your patience is appreciated at this time.

When Should I Expect My COVID-19 Test Results?

It’s important to understand that Xpress Urgent Care does not have any control when it comes to how quickly the lab’s process tests.

A large amount of test samples from clinics throughout the entire county are picked up daily to be processed. Both the labs and our team here at Xpress Urgent Care understand the urgency you might have when it comes to getting your COVID-19 results. This is why we’re both doing the best we can to ensure your tests are processed in a timely manner.

Everyday from 8am to 9am our staff call individuals who have tested positive. as soon as the results are made available from the labs. 

PLEASE NOTE: As Orange County continues to reopen, we are performing more tests than usual (including COVID-19 testing for businesses), so delays in receiving your test results should be expected at this time.

How to find your COVID-19 test results

At Xpress Urgent Care, we offer 3 different COVID-19 tests. When it comes to finding your test results, each test is different. We’ll provide an overview of each test below to give you a better idea of how your COVID-19 results can be obtained:


The PCR test (also called molecular test) for COVID-19 involves taking a nasal swab — to check for an existing COVID-19 infection.

If you’re in need of a PCR test and are curious about how results can be obtained, please see the information below:

  •   Results are taking an average of 1-2 business days to process at this time (4/4/22). The length of time may change based on volume, backlog, holidays, etc. 
  •   Xpress Urgent Care only calls individuals who test positive for COVID-19. 
  •   If you would like a copy of your test results, you can email us at Due to the high volume, please allow 24-48 hours for a reply.
  •   We will only email results when they are available. Please do not call the clinic. Reach out by email after 4 business days if you have not received an email with a copy of your results.

Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test

Rapid COVID-19 testing is EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) by the FDA.

This test is performed by way of a nasal swab. This is not a “finger prick” or “blood test”.

Results are processed 15-20 minutes after you have been swabbed.

See more information about obtaining your rapid COVID-19 test results below:

  •   Once the test is complete, we’ll provide a hard copy of your results during the same visit.
  •   We test hundreds of people everyday and you can expect a short delay before your turn.  Wait in your vehicle before a member of our team brings out test results. DO NOT LEAVE  before receiving your test results.

COVID-19 Antibody Test

The COVID-19 antibody test involves taking a blood drawn sample. Unlike the other tests, the antibody test examines the blood for the presence of specific antibodies. If you test positive, this is an indication that you may have had a COVID-19 infection in the past.

Please see additional information about obtaining COVID-19 antibody test results below:

  •   Your blood sample will be sent to a lab. From there it can take 1-2 business days to receive results.
  •   At the time of your visit, our staff will let you know which lab they have selected to process your test and will provide instructions for checking the lab’s patient portal.
  •   We typically use Quest Lab or LabCorp. Both labs have online portals to allow patients to conveniently check their results and download them.

How To Read My Test Results 

labcorp positivie report


labcorp negative report


Foundation Laboratory

foundation lab positive report


foundation lab negative report


Danner Laboratory

danner lab positve report


danner lab negative report


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