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STD Testing Near Me

What you need to know

Anyone who has sex is at risk, according to the CDC STD’s surge for the fifth straight year, reaching an all-time high in the United States. Some groups are more affected such as young people aged 15-25, gay & bisexual men, and pregnant women. At Xpress Urgent Care we provide STD Testing and treatment 7 days a week. Your health and privacy is our priority at any of our walk-in clinics in Tustin, Costa Mesa, Stanton, or Huntington Beach

At our walk-in clinics we are able to perform the following STD Tests:

  • 10 Panel STD Test 
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • & More

You never need an appointment to get an STD Test. Just walk-in or check-in online for an urgent care visit and talk to our healthcare provider.

What does STD or STI mean?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also known as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are caused by either bacteria or viruses and are often contracted during sexual activities. While bacterial infections can be treated and cured e.g., Gonorrhoea, viral infections can be managed but are not usually cured e.g., HIV. 

Why are STD tests important? 

Are you sexually active? Or do you keep multiple sexual partners? Many people have an STD and don’t even know they do. In most cases, victims don’t show signs until after several weeks. In fact, most doctors prefer to use the word STIs because you might be infected without showing any disease symptoms. To this day the best defense is to use a condom during sexual activity and getting tested on a regular basis. 

Fast & Confidential STD Testing Near Me

We know asking or looking for an STD Test can be comfortable at first. That’s why that conversation is only between the individual and the healthcare provider. Once the individual has discussed their situation or concerns the healthcare provider will determine what test they should perform. 

  • Urine Samples. Some STIs can be detected by analyzing the urine. 
  • Blood samples. The blood is used to test for HIV or syphilis. 
  • Fluid samples. If you have a sore on your genitals, the fluid from the sore can be used to diagnose such infection. 

If you are looking for STD Testing in Orange County visit any of our urgent cares near you. Get the peace of mind by getting tested today. Don’t wait for the symptoms we offer same-day STD Testing and treatment.

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