Treatment for Sprains in Orange County

Sprains are one of those common injuries that everyone can experience at some point in their lives. While sprains typically only require rest, ice, compression, and elevation of the affected area — also referred to as the R.I.C.E. method — some can be severe enough to require immediate medical attention.

Regardless, familiarizing yourself with the injury can help you prevent one from occurring or find the right treatment if you suspect you have a sprain already. Urgent cares that treat sprains near me:

What Are Sprains & How Do They Occur?

According to the U.S. Beaurua of Labor Statistics, sprains (and strains) are the most common work-related injury in the U.S. alone. With that being said, these types of injuries are also common for those who:

  •       Play sports (like basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.)
  •       Spend hours on a computer or laptop
  •       Walk or run as a form of exercise
  •       Perform another strenuous activity

The injury itself is usually a result of a sudden twist, fall, or jolt, which causes damage to the ligament (or the tissue that holds two joints together). While they are common in active adults, sprains can happen to people of all ages and can be more severe for the elderly.

How Sprains Are Graded

When you visit a healthcare professional, your sprain will be graded depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Grade 1: This is the most common and involves minor stretching or tearing of the ligament. Use of the joint can be somewhat painful. 

Grade 2: Moderate pain level when moving the joint, however, the stretch or tear of the ligament (while incomplete) can be more severe.

Grade 3: This involves a complete tear in one (or more) of the ligaments. Severe swelling and bruising can occur and attempting to move the joint will cause intense pain.

Finding The Right Treatment for Sprains in Orange County

When it comes to treating a sprain, the best way to ensure a quick recovery is by visiting your nearest urgent care clinic. At Xpress Urgent Care, our doctors specialize in treating non-life threatening injuries — such as sprains — in Orange County, and can help you feel better fast.

We typically treat these types of injuries by first diagnosing and assessing the severity of the sprain to figure out an effective treatment plan. This can include:

  •       Icing the sprain and keeping it elevated
  •       Prescribing medication to help alleviate pain and swelling
  •       Wrapping the injury with compression bandages

If you’re in need of affordable and convenient medical care for a sprain, check-in to one of our 4 urgent care clinics in Orange County now. We’re open 7 days a week from 8am – 8pm!

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