Lacerations and Burns

Our convenient and professional walk-in clinics provide on-site treatment for lacerations and burns. As an urgent care near you, we are here for your non-life-threatening injuries right when you need us. When minor laceration

s and burns occur, visit our fast and affordable walk-in clinic. We are open from 8 AM to 8 PM, every day, including holidays. With on-site X-rays available 7 days a week, we are the one-stop-shop for all of your non-emergency healthcare needs. You don’t need an appointment to visit our Orange County clinics. Walk-in or check-in online to be seen when it is convenient for you.

We serve the communities of Tustin, Santa Ana, Orange, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach. Our urgent care center is just what you need when medical conditions arise.

 Laceration Treatment 

Lacerations and burns can occur at any time, and they don’t always require a visit to the emergency room. If you are experiencing severe bleeding, head injury, limb-threatening injury, or major trauma, seek emergency care. Otherwise, call or check-in online to be seen at Xpress Urgent Care.

If a laceration involves a deep wound, nerves, arteries, joints, bones, eyelids, ears, lips, fingers or toes, you will want to make sure and walk-in to be seen by one of our experienced healthcare providers.

Treatment can include skin adhesives, sutures, skin-closure tape, and staples, and updated tetanus shots may be given. Receiving proper care for lacerations can help to stop bleeding, avoid possible infections, and restore all function to the injured area.

Burn Treatment 

Burns can stem from fire, the sun, electricity, liquids, objects, and chemicals. Mild to moderate burns can be evaluated and treated at our walk-in clinic. For severe burns, call 911 or head to the emergency room. Treatment for burns will depend upon the severity of the burn, as well as the type of burn received. 

If you treat your burn at home, keep an eye out for signs of the development of an infection. Signs include an increase in pain, long healing time, and an increase in warmth surrounding the burn. If you notice any of these signs after at-home treatment, make sure to walk-in to our clinic or check-in online to ensure proper diagnosis and care for your burn.

If you receive a burn that blisters, causes mild to severe pain and/or swelling, and is either larger than 3 inches or is on the hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks, or over a major joint, walk-in to our urgent care clinic for treatment. Remember, for severe burns, head to the ER. 

Urgent Care Near Me 

Visit our urgent care center when your medical needs arise for your inclusive and convenient medical care, which includes prompt and experienced evaluation and treatment of lacerations and burns. 

Don’t wait for hours or weeks to be treated, get seen within minutes. 


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