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COVID-19 Test For Businesses, Employers, & Companies

At Xpress Urgent Care, we understand the health and safety of your employees is a top priority. This is why we offer COVID-19 testing for businesses, so your staff can safely return to work. We have performed thousands of COVID-19 tests throughout The Orange County community whether a small business, large corporation, or municipality looks to us to help them.  For example, on Friday 5/8/20  a business called us in the morning to execute a plan to test over 100 of their employees. We understood the importance and urgency of helping this essential business and went out that afternoon. By quickly responding we were able to help them keep operating on Monday morning. This is the level of dedication our doctors, healthcare providers, and staff exhibit because we are and will continue to be part of the Orange County community during these unprecedented times.  

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we’ve been one of the first healthcare organizations to provide Orange County residents with reliable and safe testing at our 4 urgent care locations. We are here to serve businesses and provide the latest COVID-19 testing to their staff.

Here are some of the benefits business owners and employers can expect by partnering with Xpress Urgent Care:

  • Safe and reliable testing for your entire staff to help stay compliant with OC Health Agency’s guidelines for reopening businesses.
  • Customized plans to best fit your business needs.  
  • Convenient COVID-19 and antibody testing can be done at one of our locations or at your place of business.
  • Great communication between Xpress Urgent Care and the businesses we serve.

In addition to testing individuals on a case-by-case basis, we’ve also been helping first responders and essential workers — including fire/police departments,  veterinary clinics, health agencies, and more — feel confident going back to work by providing fast and safe COVID-19 testing.

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The rapid COVID test by Quidel — called the Sofia 2 SARS Antigen FIA — is what is known as an “antigen” test.  Designed to detect specific proteins in the body from the virus that causes COVID-19 in respiratory specimens (nasal swabs), the Quidel test can produce results in as little as 15 minutes. The Sofia 2 SARS Antigen FIA — from Quidel — has received emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA

What Types of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Testing Can We Provide For Your Employees?

Based on Orange County’s new guidelines for reopening OC businesses, COVID-19 testing should be readily available to all employees. To meet this demand, partnering with Xpress Urgent Care for all employee COVID-19 testing is ideal as we have multiple urgent care locations throughout Orange County.

See what types of COVID testing for business owners and employers we offer below:

Standard COVID-19 (Swab) Test in Orange County For Businesses

This is the standard test — which follows the Orange County Health Department’s official coronavirus testing protocol — that checks individuals for a current COVID-19 infection. The test itself involves taking a swab of the person’s nose and can be done at one of our facilities in your car or onsite at your business.

COVID-19 Antibody (Blood Draw) Test in Orange County For Businesses

The COVID-19 antibody test can give your employees peace of mind when re-entering the workforce. This test examines a small sample of the individual’s blood for the presence of specific antibodies. When these antibodies are present, it is a clear sign that the person has already had COVID-19 and has since recovered.
According to the CDC, once someone has recovered from COVID-19, they may have built an immunity to the virus; making them less likely to contract it in the future and spread it to others.

It’s very important to follow these instructions for your safety and for the safety of others.
Patients with coronavirus symptoms may not walk in without an appointment or a Televisit screen
We are seeing regular medical patients for routine medical problems not related to COVID-19.

Check your email.
Check your text messages.

Please do not come to the office before your appointment. You will NOT be seen earlier and our staff might ask you to wait outside.These are imperfect times, so please expect delays. Expect backlogs. Please Be Patient.

Please wait outside the office.

Go to our website

Open the chatbox.

Provide the following: Complete Name, DOB, Appointment Time, Location, and state that you are outside the office.

Allow a few minutes for the person on the chat to process your information and update your status to “arrive and waiting outside”

Please continue to wait.

Our office will call you the phone number you provided for your appointment and tell you where to enter. Depending upon location, you will be going into a specific area or in a tent outside the office.

Only the person being examined needs to come in.
The person entering MUST wear a mask or use a cloth over the mouth and nose.

Please continue to wear the mask when you go in or use a cloth over the mouth and nose.

Maintain 6 feet distance with our staff or anyone else passing by.

When you enter the office, our Patient Care Associate at the front desk may ask you some questions (demographic, insurance or copays)

It should not take more than a few mins.

You will then be taken to an exam room or a dedicated space (tent or isolation room) depending on your reason for the visit.

Please know that the safety of our staff is our priority. We have strict sanitation processes that need to be completed between visits. Disinfection with wipes and sprays needs to be done between patients in isolation rooms.

Please be patient. Expect delays. We prioritize safety over speed. Process over expediency.

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