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For COVID-19 Testing for travel please visit Xpress Urgent Care in Orange County. They have the ability to get fast COVID-19 PCR Test results to meet tight deadlines. COVID-19 and, consequently, COVID-19 testing is rapidly changing. While the virus is still prevalent throughout the country, some are starting to travel once again. If you’re going to be boarding a flight soon, it’s important to understand the guidelines and policies of not only the airline but the destination as well.

There’s no one test that meets all the requirements for all travel guidelines. So please double-check with your airlines and destination what test they accept, how soon they need results, and what documents they need. We have the tests and documents but it’s your responsibility to know which test and requirements you need. All test results have your basic information like name, date of the test, and location.

Most airlines now require facial coverage while on the plane itself, however, most also require a negative COVID-19 test result 72 -96 hours prior to boarding the flight (depending on your airlines or destination. If you’re traveling soon and need to obtain a negative test result quickly, getting a fast PCR COVID test.

You can only book an appointment 24 hours in advance. Please make sure to book your appointment accordingly to your travel plans.

What COVID-19 Tests does Xpress Urgent Care offer?

They offer a Rush COVID-19 RT-PCR Test where you can get results by next evening and a copy of a laboratory CLIA certification.


Please review the latest travel guidelines on the CDC website and your travel destination. As previously stated, a lot of airlines and regions are requiring travelers to present a negative test result either before they fly or before they can visit their destination.


It’s important not to confuse the COVID-19 test for travel with other COVID-19 tests, such as the antibody test or rapid COVID-19 test. The COVID-19 test for travel has been granted EUA (emergency use authorization) by the FDA and is known as a NAAT (nucleic acid amplification test).

Unlike other tests, this NAAT test doesn’t involve taking a blood sample, throat sample, or saliva test. Instead, the COVID-19 test for travel is a nasal swab test that’s administered by a healthcare professional from your vehicle.


Telemedicine Urgent Care is offering the fast PCR COVID test in Orange County. If you’re traveling soon, get fast results and a CLIA laboratory certification to ensure you’re compliant with all travel guidelines and mandates before you leave.

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COVID-19 Test For Travel – FAQ

This PCR test is necessary for people who are traveling soon and are in need of expedited results before they leave.

Most airlines and regions are requiring travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test result 72 or 96 hours before they board a flight or arrive at their destination. Additionally, most airlines and destinations require that your test results come from a CLIA certified laboratory.

Please double-check with your specific airline/destination to learn when to get tested.

A variety of international destinations — such as the UAE, Austria, and the Dominican Republic. — are requiring a negative test before arrival.

In the US, both Hawaii and Alaska are also requiring visitors and returning residents to present a negative PCR test result.

This is a NAAT test that has been approved for EUA (emergency use authorization) by the FDA. Unlike other tests, the COVID-19 test for travel involves taking a nasal swab sample from your vehicle. This test produces results in just 36 hours to meet tight deadlines for travel.

Telemedicine Urgent Care is offering fast PCR COVID tests Monday through Friday, from 9am to 4pm, at the Huntington Beach location.

Once your results are in, you’ll get a copy of your laboratory CLIA certification. Please time your test accordingly to your travel plans.

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