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Finding REGEN-COV Near Me: COVID-19 Treatment Available at Xpress Urgent Care COVID-19 continues to affect our community here in Orange County, CA. As time passes, Xpress Urgent Care has continued to devote their attention to remaining aware of the latest available COVID treatments as they…

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thanksgiving and covid-19

Thanksgiving and COVID-19

COVID-19: 10 Things You Need To Know About This Year’s Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is an opportunity for friends and family to reconnect and enjoy each others’ company while following time-honored traditions. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong, with cases rising by the day. That…

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Telehealth In California

Telehealth Visit: What is it & What Insurance Plans Are Covered? As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of California has been ordered to stay inside to thwart the spread of the virus. While social distancing seems to be working — in fact,…

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Urgent Cares Near Me

How Do I Choose The Right Urgent Care Near Me? If you have ever searched Google for terms like “urgent care near me” or “walk-in clinics in Orange County” then you know how many options there are to choose from in the area. The trick…

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sport related injuries

Sports-Related Eye Injuries

Pediatric Care Tips: How to Prevent Sports-Related Eye Injuries One of your primary goals as a parent is to protect your children and keep them safe. Balancing how to keep them active and enjoy their childhood can be a challenge. Youth sports help kids: build…

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std testing

CDC Reports: STDs Reach All-time Highs In The US

CDC Reports: STDs Reach All-time Highs In The US It’s official. For the 5th consecutive year, the number of sexually-transmitted diseases has risen in the United States. Combined cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis totaled 2.4 million, which is actually the largest combined number ever…

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flu shot near me

Flu Shot Information

 Flu Shot Information  It’s that time of year again. Time to take preventative action to protect yourself and your family before the flu hits. It may not be fun, but it’s better than getting the flu. Here’s everything you need to know to determine whether…

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Flu Preventation and Treatment In Orange County

Flu Season 2019

Flu Prevention & Treatment In Orange County Flu season is right around the corner. If you want to do all that you can to keep you and your family healthy, continue reading our Flu prevention and treatment in Orange County health blog:  How do I…

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