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The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Xpress Urgent Care

Did you know that, in many cases, going to Xpress Urgent Care is a smarter choice than waiting in a hospital emergency room? Xpress Urgent Care can treat patients more cost-effectively than a hospital can, and waiting times are typically less than 30 minutes. Every…

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How to Treat a Minor Burn

There are many ways that you can get burned, and a variety of sources that may be the cause. Sunburn from over-exposure to the sun’s rays, scalding from hot liquids, chemical and electrical burns, and those from open flames all have the potential to be…

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How to Treat an Allergic Reaction

Allergies are some of the most common ailments that affect patients at our Costa Mesa medical clinic. Many people think of allergies as minor annoyances, but, like any medical condition, they can interfere with a person’s ability to work, sleep, and otherwise live their life.…

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4 Signs Your "Cold" Is Something More Serious

Many people tend to use the words “flu” and “cold” interchangeably, but they are two very different things. Knowing the difference between the two is important, because whereas a cold is usually a mild inconvenience that passes by in a few days with little lasting…

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Tips for Treating a Bee Sting

For some, a bee sting can be a minor and minimally painful nuisance. For others, it is a life threatening issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Since you never really know if someone is going to be at your house and have an allergy…

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Smart Sun Care Tips for Summer 2015

Nowhere is better for summer fun than Costa Mesa and Orange County. Idyllic weather, nearby beaches, and lots of public outdoor and athletic facilities and events means there’s an adventure around just about every corner. As local residents head outdoors for the summer months, they…

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What to Do When You Suffer an Ear Infection?

If you or a loved one has an ear infection, you need to act fast to get the situation resolved. In rare cases, ear infections can lead to hearing loss, but in all cases they lead to a great deal of pain. As soon as…

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Considering Urgent Care vs. ER for Work-Related Injuries

When your employee is injured on the job, whether on or off-site, you want to ensure they get treatment immediately. The question is which facility is best—the emergency room, an urgent care facility, the employee’s doctor? The answer depends largely on the type of injury…

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Surf’s Up: Staying Safe in the Water

Surfing continues to grow as a popular way for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the beautiful setting of Newport Beach. Unfortunately, as the number of surfers increase, so do the visits to the Newport Beach care clinic! Without the understanding of…

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