• December 19, 2014

3 Reasons to Schedule Yearly Physical Exams

3 Reasons to Schedule Yearly Physical Exams

Most people only visit the doctor when they’re feeling sick or run down. While it’s important to seek treatment when you’re ill, it’s also important to schedule routine physical exams to make sure you’re as healthy as you think you are. Xpress Urgent Care Center offers a variety of physical exams to meet your needs, whether your new employer requires an evaluation, you’re joining a sports team, or you just haven’t been to the doctor in a while and want to make sure everything is working as it should be. As your Orange County medical center, we know how important these yearly check-ups are and can easily get you in to see one of our physicians, even without an appointment.

If you’re still not sure you need a yearly physical, here are three reasons to consider scheduling a checkup with your Costa Mesa urgent care center.

  1. You Can Ask Questions. If you have health concerns, your yearly physical exam is a great time to bring them up. Consider writing out a list of questions to ask during the exam, and don’t be afraid to ask those questions when the time comes. You’ll learn more about your health, your risk factors, and what you can do to make sure you lead a healthy, happy life. The doctor may also be able to ease your concerns and to educate you about certain health conditions.
  2. You May Learn About a Problem Early. Yearly physical exams put a focus on early diagnosis and prevention. During your physical exam, your doctor may notice something isn’t right, whether you’ve developed high blood pressure, lung disease, or skin cancer. After going over your family history, he may also notice you’re at high risk for developing a certain type of condition, and that you may require more frequent checkups. The earlier you find these types of conditions, the earlier you can get the treatment you need to get back to good health.
  3. Physicals Can Help Get You Back on Track. We all know our lifestyle choices affect our health, but sometimes we need a reminder. During your physical, the doctor will ask you questions about your daily habits—how much alcohol you drink, how much you smoke, how often you go out to eat, and how much exercise you fit in each day. Talking about your bad habits with your doctor and how they affect your health may help you realize it’s time to make some changes. Your doctor can give you recommendations to help get you back on track and lead a healthier lifestyle

Scheduling Your Physical
No matter why you want to schedule a physical exam, your Costa Mesa medical center can help. You won’t have to worry about waiting weeks or even days to make an appointment—we can get you in right away. There’s also no need to worry about sitting for hours in a waiting room. We’ll get you in and through your physical as soon as possible, so you can go on with the rest of your day.
If you’d like to learn more about what happens during a physical and what types of physicals we offer, please call us at 949-548-8400, or stop by our Costa Mesa office.

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