Santa Ana Urgent Care Clinic

Compassionate and Immediate Care in Santa Ana with Xpress Urgent Care

Quick and compassionate medical care isn’t easy to find. If you’re hurt or in pain, but your injury isn’t life-threatening, then you could spend a long time waiting in the emergency room (ER) nearest to you. That’s where Xpress Urgent Care comes in. Our urgent care clinics in Costa Mesa and Tustin provide services to patients in Santa Ana as well as Orange County, Irvine, and Newport Beach who want fast non-urgent care and treatment.

Why come to us?

If your medical problems are not life-threatening, then our walk-in medical clinics are ideal. You can receive treatment with shorter waiting times. By getting the treatment you need much sooner.

What you can expect?

Our emergency medical clinics are staffed with nurses, doctors and physician assistants who have the training to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. We offer treatment to children and adults so if you or any members of your family require medical attention, drive to one of our urgent care medical centers.

For affordable, fast urgent care, visit Xpress Urgent Care

What else do you need to know?

At our urgent care clinics, you won’t need to worry about making an appointment beforehand. You can walk into any of our emergency medical clinics and receive treatment for your medical issues.

What do we treat?

If you have aches and pains, allergies and asthma, bronchitis, burns, cuts and scratches or earaches, headaches, fever and nausea, we can treat those conditions. We also provide treatment for pink eye, skin rashes, sore throats, urinary tract infections, minor injuries, sprains and strains and a lot more.

What we promise?

Emergency rooms throughout the country are crowded so treatment always takes longer. At Xpress Urgent Care, we provide competent and speedy treatment to our patients. We know the difference between on-time treatment and medication can make in your situation. Even if your injuries are not life-threatening, the pain and discomfort can do a lot to negatively affect your wellbeing. That’s why we’re here to help. If you or any of your family member needs immediate care, turn to us. With our weekday and weekend hours, we can accommodate your needs.

If you want to know more about the emergency medical services we offer at our clinics in Tustin and Costa Mesa that provide services to Santa Ana, Orange County, Irvine, and Newport Beach, call or visit us today.

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