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While you may think WebMD has the answer for everything, once in a while you or your families symptoms are slightly too complex to diagnose yourself. Even with a solid diagnosis, it’s difficult to treat ailments that require prescription medication. If your condition occurs just past the closing time of the doctor’s offices and you’re in no mood to handle the emergency room, check out Mission Viejo’s Xpress Urgent Care Clinic.

Xpress Urgent Care Clinic saves you time and money. The helpful staff at Xpress Urgent Care Clinic can bill many of the common health insurance providers including BlueCross & BlueShield, Humana, Anthem and even Medicare saving you a tremendous amount of money on the cost of after-hours treatment. If your healthcare provider isn’t listed, it’s still possible that the staff can go the extra mile to contact your provider and create some options.

For affordable, fast urgent care, visit Xpress Urgent Care

Stop by Mission Viejo’s Xpress Urgent Care Clinic to Avoid the Local Hospital

The talented medical staff at Xpress Urgent Care Clinic works diligently to attend to your needs as quickly as possible. While the average wait time at the local hospital’s Emergency Room is estimated at 200 minutes or more, Xpress Urgent Care Clinic averages 15 minutes of waiting. In many cases, you can often be seen in less time!

Xpress Urgent Care Clinic treats patients of all ages regarding a vast array of non-emergency conditions. Even if a day at the beach left you sore from the surf or burnt from the sun, the trained medical staff at Xpress Urgent Care Clinic can attend to your needs.

Don’t waste time at the emergency room or misdiagnose an ailment. A trip to Mission Viejo’s Best Urgent Care Clinic can help you avoid long waits and expenses at the local hospital and have you back on the road in no time. A definite alternative to suffering from illness or pain left untreated, the staff of Xpress Urgent Care Clinic looks forward to treating you today.

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